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Impact Factor 2.01

This is a platform for academic, casual & creative original articles in the field of English. This journal is special as it caters not only to English in both literature and language but also in the emerging and most tangible feature of English; Communication skills. The journal also holds the space to grow and accommodate any other facet of English that might surface in the future.  The journal also plans to reach across to as many authors as possible in the context of India and abroad. The journal was started to fill the gap between standard academic journals and their reach-ability. The format of the journal includes the formal writing, the casual writing and creative writing.

Life’s all about learning and living. Each phase of our life exposes us to a new experience and in engaging that experience learning happens. So is it for us teachers and trainers. We face a myriad of experiences both with our students and the lessons researched. The engagement with them is learning. This learning is pivotal for a teacher or a trainer as the learning is also going to translate into a methodology for the students benefit

 The journal is an effort to address to all the experiences and record them so that peers can learn from each other. The validity of a journal comes from the quality contributions, the expert journal editing, sustained efforts and of course an ISSN 2278-0742.

We are now spreading our reader database. We are now listed in Ulrichsweb, USA – Global serials directory, Council of Literary Magazines and Presses [clmp] and Open J-Gate directory.

We also have been successful in registering this enterprise and have given it a Registered Firm status,  thus have ensured its long run.  We have started our journey in 2012 and this young journal has an impact factor of 2.01 for the years 2012-2016.

 Any person associated with English in all its aspects of Literature, Language and Skills can contribute to the journal.


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